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Traffic management

2021-08-14 Tropico 6
Do you ever experience traffic congestion? The chances are high that you have or will once your city starts expanding. But how should we combat this? This guide will help you with just that.

1. Separate highways for goods transportation

One of the most effective ways to ease on congestion is to have separate highways for transporting goods to your docks. By having a separate highway you make sure that teamsters always has a quick way of moving goods. Teamsters will always choose the closest way for transport which can quickly become a problem if they have to pass trough your inner city filled with intersections. Place your highways outside your city core so that transport between industrial areas to your docks has as few intersections as possible

2. Avoid having too many intersections

Intersections slow down your traffic since they occasionally have to stop to let other vehicles pass from time to time. To minimize this problem you could try to minimize the amount of intersections you have. Try to avoid 4-way intersections at all costs as these are the worst kind.

If possible try to space out your intersections in such a way that traffic can flow more freely. Multiple intersections close to each other will quickly build up congestion since the vehicles wont be able to move long before having to stop again.

3. Have your teamster offices at strategic locations

Teamsters will be one of your main traffic sources since they are the main means of transporting goods. A quick way to reduce the congestion further is to reduce the travel distance for your teamsters. Build teamster offices in a pattern where the teamsters wont have a long distance to return to their office once the goods are delivered. By shortening the distances you won't need as many teamsters either.

4. Minimize traffic as much as possible

Make sure your citizens have other means of travel other than using cars. Build plenty of metro stations near resident areas and work areas. Have multiple bus stops around your city and make sure that these are used as intended.

A great solution is to build residential buildings near your citizens workplace, this will reduce the need for transportation since your citizens now can easily walk to their workplace in no time. Also keep in mind that residential buildings have a required wealth for their inhabitants, so don't place expensive buildings near low income jobs.

5. Utilize drones and cargo airports

If you've bought the DLCs for Tropico 6 then you'll have a few more options to ease congestion. Utilize drones to transport goods at heavily trafficked areas. If you have multiple island on your map a good idea could be to build more docks or cargo airports. This way the teamsters wont have to travel long distances to deliver goods for export.


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