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Piranha is a great and lightweight Open Soruce CMS built for speed and simplicity. It was one of the earliest CMS to adopt .NET Core and go for a fully cross compatible route. Why not give it a shot? This section will provide you with a bunch of tutorials and great code snippets to make your life easier https://piranhacms.org/


2021-08-11 Piranha

Track users with Google Analytics on your Piranha site

Keep a track on your visitors and which pages are popular with Google Analytics. This post gives you a great example on how you can implement a dynamic way to add end edit your tracking codes

2021-08-10 Piranha

Manage your footer with a region

Footers are a basic component of almost all websites. Therefor we'll make it as easy as possible for us to manage ours by turning it into a region area on our site model. This guide uses Bootstrap 5

2021-08-03 Piranha

Display breadcrumbs with Bootstrap 5 on a Piranha site

Here's a quick and easy way to implement breadcrumbs on your Piranha site. The solution is based on Bootstrap 5 breadcrumb component