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Piranha is a great and lightweight Open Soruce CMS built for speed and simplicity. It was one of the earliest CMS to adopt .NET Core and go for a fully cross compatible route. Why not give it a shot? This section will provide you with a bunch of tutorials and great code snippets to make your life easier https://piranhacms.org/


2021-08-12 Piranha

Edit block templates inside the manager with Scriban

Want to edit block templates without rebuilding your project? Let Scriban help you with that. Scriban parses your custom Html and objects and then gives you HTML ready to be used anywhere.

2021-08-08 Piranha

Carousel block for Piranha with Bootstrap

A good image slider or carousel can complete your website. This post will give you a quick example on how you can add your own carousel to your Piranha site

2021-08-07 Piranha

Youtube block for Piranha

Want to show Youtube videos on your Piranha site? This post will give you a quick example on how you could implement a Youtube block on your site, either for showing useful videos or Rick-Rolling your visitors

2021-08-05 Piranha

Accordion block with Bootstrap 5

Sometimes you have way to much text to fit on a page. A simple way to structure and group important content is by using an accordion. This post will give you an idea on how you can implement your own accordion on a Piranha site

2021-08-03 Piranha

Piranha block for social media links

Most businesses and even personal sites have the need to share their social media links. Here's an example on how you can turn your social media links into a reusable block

2021-08-02 Piranha

Build a code block for Piranha CMS with Prism.js

Would you like to display code on your Piranha website like the examples below? With Prism.js it’s easy. This guide will help you build a custom block which does just that.